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TV Text Limited provides text-based services for broadcasters designed both to entertain viewers and generate advertising revenue.

Text services are the original 'second screen' application, providing complementary content which can be viewed alongside the broadcast output.

Recent Ofcom research confirms that consumers are still attached to their TVs. Although media multi-tasking is widespread, half of people consume only one type of media in the evening.

This peak-time evening media use is driven by people watching scheduled live television through their TV set. Despite the growing choice in technology and services available, watching TV remains the activity that most adults would miss the most.

As television becomes a social medium, TV Text enables broadcasters to engage with their viewers in an innovative new way, combining TV with comprehensive content featuring news, weather, sport, competitions and more, creating a whole new market place for advertisers.

In-Vision Programmes
In-Vision Programmes

We can create and manage broadcast-quality, graphics-based 'programmes' to add value to your out-of-hours schedule and generate advertising revenue.

In Vision
Interactive Text

Viewers select digital teletext services by pressing the ‘text’ button on their digital remote.

Navigation is enhanced through the use of the up/down and left/right buttons on the remote.

At The Races
Traditional Text

Traditional teletext services are provided by most European television channels and used by millions of people daily.

They are easily adapted for broadcast on digital platforms, including Sky

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Contact Us

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